Although we verify every airdrop on our wallet before adding it, please remember about the principles of limited trust!


You perform each operation on your own responsibility .

Remember that claims with a 1-2 star rating are very likely to be fraudulent.

Remember that we are a a website that only collects and publishes Airdrop data!
Follow the basic advice to make the whole process completely safe for you and your funds:
  1. Always check the gas fee price in instant AirDrops (should not exceed $ 0.6)
  2. Do not install any additional software if required by airdrop ( only use Meta Mask / TrustWallet ).
  3. Don’t make purchases / AirDrop claims on a wallet with high accumulated funds! Depositing funds into a smart contract always carries the risk of bugs, even for audited and highly reputable projects. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose.
  4. Don’t send money to redeem an airdrop. Real airdrops shouldn’t ask you for sending crypto. Spending a little BNB on gas for a smart contract interaction is acceptable as long as the recipient is sent 0 BNB or 0 ETH .

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