Frequently asked questions


It is a process where coins (tokens) are given for free, generally in a new project, in exchange for some publicity actions in social networks.

It will depend on how much the tokens are worth when you decide to sell them. Most airdrops are distributed for around $3 to $8, but if you decide to keep them, some coins have reached much higher numbers.

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to be able to receive and keep the free tokens. In each airdrop, they may ask for a different wallet, but in the majority of the cases you will be able to receive the tokens with a Ethereum wallet. If you still don´t have one, you can get it on this link.

Every Airdrop is different, in most cases you are just asked to follow their Telegram channel and to subscribe to their newsfeed; some may ask you to answer a couple of questions after reading their website o to follow them in Twitter. Apart from doing what they ask, you will need to provide your cryptocurrency wallet's public ID. If you don´t have one, you can learn how to get one on this tutorial.When the airdrop comes to an end, you will be able to cash on your wallet the amount that has been distributed. Once you have the tokens you´re free to either keep them or sell them whenever you want.

When you have the tokens in your wallet, you will only need to wait for that currency to be available for exchange in this website: You will be able to see the total amount in your wallet and the different exchanges that you can sell your coins in.

It is a marketing campaign and a fast way to get visibility. Many projects take some actions before the start of their ICO. This way, when the selling period starts, more people are familiar with the project and they have access to many more investors.

Each airdrop will have a different date in which the tokens will be distributed. Some, as soon as they reach the limit on the free tokens, others after completing the ICO. To confirm, it's best to ask either in their Telegram channel or in our forum.


It stands for Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is a financing mechanism highly used in new projects to get the financing they need to develop the project. It is vry similar to how it works in the stock market, where new companies have their IPO (Initial Public Offering), where users can purchase shares of the company. When it comes to an ICO, we can get an amount of tokens of the project for a reduced price. Later on, we will be able to sell those tokens or use them on the products that project offers.

You will be able to read the detailed instructions on the ICO's page, but the most likely you will just need to send to an specific wallet the cuantity of Ethereum or Bitcoins (the most extended cryptocurrencies) that you want to exchange for the project's tokens, and you will receive those tokens short after in your wallet.

Most tokens will have a use for the project you purchased them in, but if what you want is to exchange it for other currencies that you can then transform into real money, you will be able to exchange them for Ethereums (ETH) or Bitcoins (BTC) in the exchanges that token is listed at. Once the ICO is over, it may take some weeks or even months for the currency to be listed at some exchange, so you will need to wait for a bit. Normally they get listed earlier in smaller exchanges, where the number of exchanges is lower. If you keep the currency long enough for it to be listed in one of the biggest exchanges, you will probably be able to multiply the initial value several times.